Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal

January 14, 2022 2 min read

apple cider vinegar mole removal aven buzz

How does it work?

The cider in apple cider vinegar or ACV is derived from pressed apples, which goes through a fermentation process to derive acetic acid and vinegar. The acetic acid present in the ACV helps chemically burn the mole.

Are there any risks?

Moles are generally not cancerous and a lot of people have them, even in clusters. However some cancer growths can look like moles. And you may end up doing a home remedy on a cancerous mole which can further spread cancer cells and leave melanoma. Unless you're sure that the growth that you have is a mole, you shouldn't go with the home remedies. It is best to get the mole diagnosed from your doctor first before you try to remove the mole yourself. A case study actually shows the potential dangers linked with the use of apple cider vinegar on moles.

When to visit the dermatologist? 

Before trying to remove the mole yourself, you should definitely see your dermatologist so they can either visually check the mole for cancer or take a sample to send it for biopsy. This process should actually be covered by your insurance company. Once you're sure that the mole is not cancerous, you may proceed with the removal process.

If your purpose for mole removal tends to be only cosmetic, chances are it may not be covered by your insurance company. This is where most people prefer home remedies as compared to dermatologist. While there's plenty of home remedies, one of the professional and effective ones is Aven Buzz Mole Remover Pen.


You should leave the mole alone if it is not bothering you. However if the mole has been changing color, size, or shape, it may be an early sign of melanoma. Early development of cancer is usually curable. Which is why you should always get any sudden skin growths such as moles checked by your doctor.

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