Does Coconut Oil Fade Age Spots?

February 08, 2022 2 min read


Coconut oil, what mostly belongs on kitchen shelves is known to be a great moisturiser for skin as well as hair. Because of its thickness, coconut oil can be even used to treat wounds and dermatitis, as it provides a solid moisturizing  barrier to help the skin heal.

How does coconut oil help with age spots?

Due to its amazing properties, coconut oil helps boost collagen production which binds new skin tissues. Not only this can help you with fine lines and scarring, but may also help you fade age spots. Coconut oil is even used to treat several types of scars such as acne scars, stretch marks, atrophic scars, surgical scars, hypertrophic scars, keloid scars, and contracture scars.

Considering the benefits that coconut oil provides even in extreme skin conditions, it is definitely worth trying for age spots. Although for age spots, more research might be needed but considering the evidence that's already out there, it seems very promising. Use it for at least 1 month before judging the results.

How to use coconut oil for age spots?

Coconut oil can be easily purchased online or over the counter. Every brand is different and may provide different instructions for dosage. Most of them recommend using it twice everyday (morning and night). If you have never used a coconut oil before on your skin, it is best to do a patch test first.

Simply apply a little bit of coconut oil on healthy skin area (forearm if you'd like) and cover it with a bandage. Wait for a day and see if you get any irritation or not. If you don't experience any of that, it should work fine.

Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent the new age spot from happening, you should avoid excess sun exposure and use sunscreen if you really have to be in the sun because of your job, hobbies, etc.

When not to use coconut oil for age spots?

If you already know that you're allergic to coconut based products, you should definitely stay away from it. In case you don't know, it is best to do a patch test to figure it out first. Coconut oil does cause some side effects in some people. If you happen to have surgical scars near your age spots, using coconut oil may result into contact dermatitis.

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