Freezing Age Spots At Home - Should You Do It?

February 04, 2022 2 min read


Freezing (cryotherapy) is a process where liquid nitrogen is applied on your age spots to destroy the pigment. Sometimes cold aerosolized sprays are also used to achieve this. This process is usually done to treat smaller age spots or small cluster of age spots. If you happen to have a lot of age spots, this may not be the right treatment for you.

Should you freeze age spots at home?

Nowadays there's a plenty of DIY freezing kits available that can be easily purchased online or over-the-counter. But the main problem is that with these kits, the freezing agent used is not strong enough. Sure you may do test and trial but it ends up wasting more money and time.

Freezing works different on different age spots. It all depends on what sort of pigmentation is there and what concentration of freezing agent is needed to destroy the pigment that causes the age spots for you. Most people use butane spray to freeze age spots at home. The problem with it is that you have to spray it for a longer duration to achieve the temperature that's needed to get rid of the age spot. But the longer you hold it, the more it is going to hurt and may leave your skin with additional scarring or irritation instead.

In case of freezing age spots at home, the benefits do not actually outweigh the risks. While at dermatologists office they can use temperature around 300 degrees below 0 degrees. Not only this process becomes faster but it is way more effective than using multiple DIY kits at home.

No matter which freezing kit you end up buying, you won't be able to achieve the temperature close to as it can be done at a dermatologists office. Most DIY kits can only do 50 to 100 degrees below 0 degrees. But this is still not enough to get rid of age spots.

Does insurance cover age spot removal?

In most cases this process is considered cosmetic and is not covered by insurance companies. Which is why it can become way more expensive than expected and you may end up paying the full price out of your savings account. Visiting the dermatologist office is also not an affordable option for a lot of people.

What are my other options?

While freezing (cryotherapy) may be an expensive treatment but there's always a way out. There's other remedies out there that don't actually cost a lot and may be just as effective as freezing, even though they don't involve freezing process. Below are some common alternatives that people have tried:

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