How To Remove Skin Tag on Nipple

December 09, 2021 3 min read

While skin tags are not a medical worry but having them on the nipple area can be a bit embarrassing or even cause irritation. Skin tags on nipple can also be extremely discomforting if you wear tight clothing. Nonetheless its really common.

Sure nipples are an inconvenient place to have skin tags in the first place, what's even more problematic is that if there are several skin tags. It can also be a bit concerning because in some cases they might also be a sign of skin or breast cancer.

Even though there's not much to worry about medically but as a woman it might hinder your confidence or have an effect on your sexual relationship in some cases.

Over the counter methods for removing skin tags are so popular nowadays. It is all because getting skin tags removed from a doctor is not cheap at all. Especially if you have several skin tags that you want removed. It can end up costing you a lot of money. And NO, your insurance won't cover it if you're getting skin tags removed from your nipple just for cosmetic reasons.

Most people prefer essential oils such as tea tree oil because they're considered a bit safer and less painful than other at-home removal methods.

But Why Do I Have a Skin Tag on My Nipple?

  • Because of rapid weight gain, a lot of pregnant women also get skin tags because that cutie belly has been rubbing against the breasts.
  • Sometimes we don't notice but the size of the breasts might have also grown a bit compared to when you got the bra. As a result, skin-to-clothing friction can cause skin tags on the nipple
  • Women who breastfeed their baby regularly can also develop skin tags due to constant friction
  • As sexy as that piercing might look on the nipples, it may also cause skin tags due to the nipple rubbing against the bra or if you wear tight body hugging clothing

5 Ways To Remove Skin Tag on Nipple

  1. Cutting them off - A lot of people do this but it is a method that can cause extreme pain and can result in excessive bleeding and leave scarring. While this method is not recommended by most doctors, University of Utah has something else to say.
  2. Essential oils - There are a lot a them that exist in the market and most of them help you remove skin tags within 3 to 6 weeks of daily application. You can also check our list of essential oils that we have handpicked for you. Most common one used for skin tags still remains tea tree oil. Make sure to dilute it if you have a highly concentrated essential oil.
  3. Dental floss - Yup! You heard that right. If your skin tag is attached with a thin base root (also called "stalk") you may consider using a dental floss. Once you tie the skin tag, the cells end up dying and the tag falls of on its own.
  4. Freezing - While there are a lot of kits available in the market that you can use at the privacy of your home, but they might not be safe for sensitive areas such as nipples. A visit to the doctor might be required if you'd like to remove the skin tag through Cryosurgery.
  5. OTC removal - Apple cider vinegar, patches and bands, removal creams are some good over-the-counter removal methods. A lot of people also prefer to heat the skin tag with a dermatologist approved device so it falls off naturally.

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