7 Easy Steps To Remove Skin Tag With a Dental Floss

December 08, 2021 1 min read

When To Consider A Dental Floss?

If the skin tag is attached with a very thin root, you may try a dental floss to remove it. What it actually does is that it stops the blood flow to the skin tag itself, which causes the cells to die and the skin tag to fall off.

Step By Step Skin Tag Removal Using Dental Floss

  • Make sure to clean the skin tag and area around it with the warm water
  • Remove make up or any other beauty products if you have them on
  • Use alcohol solution to clean the are to prevent infections from happening
  • You'll also need a tweezer in this process. Sterilize it before using it. Pull the skin tag away so you can reach the thin layer at the bottom and tie it with the floss
  • Take a long enough piece of dental floss that it easily ties the knot around the skin tag and you're able hold it from both the ends. If you need to wrap it more than once or twice, that's okay too
  • Leave the floss tied until the blood supply cuts off to the skin tag. A typical sign is when the skin color changes to black, purple or dark red
  • Remove the floss and the skin tag should fall off. If it doesn't fall off, then this process might not work for you

Alternatively, you can try out Aven Buzz Skin Tag Remover Pen for safe and fast skin tag removal.

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