Skin Tag Near Vagina - Causes, Diagnosis, and Remedies

December 16, 2021 3 min read


Skin tags are small, harmless and soft skin growths that look like deflated balloons. They usually grow on a stalk which gives them a raised appearance. Skin tags are also referred to as achrocordons or soft fibromas. Sometimes they can also be confused with genital warts, so it is extremely important to correctly diagnose them.

Vaginal skin tags are usually nothing to worry about because they are not cancerous. But on the flip side some cancer growths can look like skin tags too. Which is why it is recommended that you get the lesion diagnosed from a professional.

Although researchers are still unsure about the main cause of skin tags but so far they don't seem to be a sign of underlying skin conditions. Some studies show that people who have HPV or human papillomavirus may get more skin tags compared to others who don't have HPV. Other common causes are insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and pregnancy.


You might need to visit your dermatologist to get the skin tag examined. Your doctor might take a sample for biopsy or test for HPV, in case the skin tag is unusual or if there's a number of skin tags near the vagina.

This will help you confirm if what you have is a skin tag or a genital wart. Because both of them are usually confused with each other a lot. While skin tags are mostly non-cancerous but genital warts might be cancerous as there's some correlation between HPV and cancer.

Proper diagnosis of HPV is important because even though genital warts are caused due to the HPV strain that doesn't result in cancer but other types of HPV strains might do so.

Difference Between Vaginal Skin Tags and Genital Warts

  • Skin tags aren't itchy or painful. But genital warts can cause pain and even bleeding
  • Skin tags usually have one or two growths in a specific area. But genital warts can grow in clusters
  • Skin tags grow mostly where the skin folds and there's skin on skin friction. But genital warts can grow inside or around the vagina 
  • Skin tags are loose and movable. But genital warts are flat and round

How To Get Rid of Skin Tag Near Vagina?

The safest option is to definitely see your doctor instead of trying home remedies. Doctors usually freeze off the skin tag or burn it off by cauterization. They use a numbing solution as well, so the process is not painful.

However there can be a plot twist in this and you might have to pay the full bill instead of your insurance covering the procedure. Most insurance companies consider the vaginal skin tag removal as a cosmetic procedure. But if the skin tag happens to have some infection or virus, it should be covered by the insurance.

Once you get the initial evaluation (which the insurance should cover) and you're sure that you don't have a harmful growth, you may go with the natural remedies.

There's plenty of home remedies out there like freezing kits, burning kits, and essential oils. Even though they're not backed by science, most people prefer these methods because of they're not expensive at all compared to the doctors' bills. And they actually work too. Whichever method you decide to go with, make sure to read the safety instructions.

And that's all ladies!

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