Skin Tag On Butt Cheek - Causes and Remedies

December 16, 2021 2 min read


Skin tag also referred to as acrochordon is a benign growth that sit on your butt cheek like a deflated balloon with a fleshy stalk looking bottom portion called peduncle. The size of a skin tag on butt cheek is usually between 1mm to 3mm. In rare cases the size can also be up to half an inch (12.7mm), which may require medical attention.

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Skin tag is usually not painful on the butt cheek but it can be very uncomfortable to have it there. Constant rubbing of clothes can cause irritation on it. If not that then you might be considering to remove it just for cosmetic reasons and the way it looks. 

Although the initial cause of the skin tags is not clear to the researchers but a common link that's there is that skin tags are mostly found in older people that either carry extra weight, or have diabetes. Elevated blood sugar and insulin have been shown to cause more skin tags through an unknown process. However anyone can develop skin tags during their lifetime regardless of their age.


Your first option should always be getting professional medical care through your dermatologist. However the medical bill that you get might be outrageous because removing skin tag on butt cheek will most likely be considered as cosmetic procedure by your insurance company and chances of any reimbursement are almost zero.

If your skin tag happens to cause an infection on your butt cheek or other health related concerns, chances are it might be covered by the insurance company. If not then the bills might be around $300-$600, depending on the skin tag itself and how many there are to remove and what's the size of each skin tag.

The doctors usually get rid of the skin tag through freezing or cauterization. Freezing is mostly done with liquid nitrogen while cauterization is done through a probe that burns off the skin tag. The scarring may also be caused which naturally goes away mostly within 3-6 weeks.

While there are several home remedies that are available to get rid of the skin tags, not all of them are backed by science. For example, you must have heard about tea tree oil and its uses in removing skin tags but it is also known to cause infections. The DIY home remedies might not always be the way to go.

However if there's something that replicates the procedure that the doctors use, that's still a safer bet than going with thousands of home remedies that you'll find online these days.

Devices such as Aven Buzz Skin Tag Remover Pen are based on the cauterization method. Once you charge the device using the USB, you can simply use the probe with the intensity that you're comfortable with and get rid of the skin tag from your butt cheek.

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