Skin Tag on Vag Lip Removal

December 14, 2021 2 min read

Should You Be Concerned?

Vag Lip skin tags are usually benign, harmless growths that look like a deflated balloon sitting on a thin piece of skin called "stalk". The color of vag  is usually skin tone, black or brown. You'd find them hanging from the surface of the skin with a thin base tissue which is known as a "stalk" which causes the tag to have a raised appearance.

Most women develop Vag Lip skin tags in their early 20's and the size usually stays the same. Since most of them are very small in size (around 1mm-3mm), but they could grow larger in size in some cases causing irritation due to skin on skin friction, especially if you wear mostly thongs or g strings. While the cause of vag lip skin tags is still unknown, other than assumptions for HPV and there's no way to prevent them, studies show that skin tags are extremely common in people who have diabetes or that are overweight.

Is The Vag Lip Skin Tag Removal Necessary?

While the removal may not be completely necessary, however you should definitely get the skin tag diagnosed to rule out any theories such as having an infected or a cancerous skin tag. For this a visit to your doctor might be needed. In a lot of the cases, it is not even the skin tag on the vag lip. It could also be a polyp, genital wart or something else that could've happened as a result of STD.

How To Get Rid of a Skin Tag on Vag Lip?

Since the vag lip is an extremely sensitive area on your body, you should go with the professional removal methods only, such as

  • Cauterization - In this method a device is used to burn off the skin tag
  • Cryotherapy - In this method your doctor will freeze the skin tag
  • Ligation - In this method your doctor cuts off the blood flow to the skin tag using a thread
  • Surgery - In this method your doctor removes the skin tag using sharp scissors or scalpel

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