Skin Tag Removal With Liquid Nitrogen: The Good and The Bad

December 07, 2021 2 min read

The Good Side:

Cryotherapy is not only known for muscle and recovery especially in athletes but also known for freezing the skin tags with liquid nitrogen. It is also referred to as Cryosurgery when the term is used for medical reasons.

It is a process in which very cold temperature is used to remove the skin tag. Mostly liquid nitrogen is used but in some cases cold aerosol sprays are also used depending on the skin type and condition.

Aerosolized cold spray is capable of achieving temperature up to -70 degrees.

Cryotherapy can treat several types of skin conditions such as Skin Tags, Warts, Moles, Actinic Keratosis and, Angiomas.

In most cases the process is as simple as snipping the skin tags with surgical scissors and having a single cryotherapy session.

In case of larger skin tags the snipping is done first and cryotherapy is performed later. And several sessions might be needed to completely destroy the skin tag.

Cryotherapy (Cryosurgery) Side Effects:

  • Burning and redness is common and can also be followed by some pain.
  • Scabbing may last for several weeks.
  • If you're on blood thinners there may be more bleeding than usual.
  • Infection can also spread if not taken care properly.
  • Skin lesion may also come back
  • Scarring that may last a long time or could also be permanent.

Freezing the skin tags can also be very costly as it is not covered by insurance companies due to the process being cosmetic. It can cost around $300 or more if you require multiple sessions or you want more than one skin tag removed.

Nowadays a lot of DIY skin tag removal devices are also available, so you can get rid of skin tags from the comfort of your home. They're usually considered safe and same sort of devices are used even by dermatologists.

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