Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Honest Review

December 07, 2021 2 min read

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What Is Tag Away Anyways?

Tag Away is a homeopathic topical remedy that includes Thuja Occidentalis (derived from Arborovitae plant), which has been recognized for its skin tag removal properties. It comes in a 15ml bottle and costs around $15 (might cost even more if you're charged shipping as well).

The formula is known to be completely natural that includes plant extracts which might help eliminate not only skin tags but other skin overgrowths as well painlessly.

Tag Away does not contain any harmful chemicals which makes it a safe choice for most skin types. It is considered safe to use for even on sensitive areas and private parts.

Most people prefer Tag Away also because they don't like to go to the doctor's office and get surgical procedures for hundreds of dollars if not thousands. In case you didn't know, most insurances won't cover skin tag removal as it is considered a cosmetic procedure unless you happen to have sort of infection or bleeding on it, only then it might be considered medical.

Is Tag Away Worth The Time and Money?

Ok! Let's get back to reality here for a little bit. To remove the skin tags, you'd need to apply this 3 times a day for about 3-8 weeks. Not only you run out of the bottle really quickly but its hard to stick to it for someone who has a life. And what's the guarantee that the tags would be gone even if someone stuck to the schedule. So it costs both time and money and doesn't make it a really good investment.

There have been plenty of people who did use Tag Away as recommended and the skin tags did not go away even after 6 weeks.

Also if you're sensitive to smells, then I'd also like to tell you that it SMELLS HORRIFIC and has a strong pine oil kind of smell. I personally can't stand it. Maybe some can and a lot can't.

I don't think its worth the time and money. I'd rather Find A Dermatologist and might as well get my skin tag burned off. Perhaps even better that I can burn my skin tags at home using a dermatologist approved device like skin tag remover pen. This way at least I know for sure that my skin tag would be gone for good.

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