Wart on Back of Heel

January 07, 2022 2 min read

Wart on foot, heel or back of heel are referred to as plantar wart, which are small growths that appear on weight bearing areas. Since these type of warts are caused by HPV, there's several ways that this virus can enter your body.

What causes wart on back of heel?

  • Walking barefoot in public places such as swimming pools, locker rooms etc
  • Coming in direct contact with the warts of other people
  • Wearing same socks and shoes as yesterday
  • Not taking care of foot hygiene to keep it clean and dry
  • If you already have a wart, touching or scratching can cause it to spread even more
  • The virus is also known to enter your body through cuts, wounds, or spots on your heel

What are the signs and symptoms of a wart?

  • They're usually gray or brown in color but it may vary in some cases
  • The texture of the wart can be grainy or rough
  • Wart that is on the heel can also grow inward due to the pressure and friction
  • You may also notice black pinpoints on the wart. They're commonly known as wart seeds. Scientifically they're just clotted blood vessels
  • This small and fleshy growth can often be painful as well

Who is at risk of developing a plantar wart?

  • Children and young adults
  • People with weak immune systems in general
  • People with underlying conditions that weakens the immune system. such as HIV
  • People who walk barefoot often
  • It may also be genetic in some cases if the warts just happen to run in the family and everyone has them

How to treat warts at home easily?

When should you see a doctor for wart removal?

Although warts are not a serious health concern and they go away on their own eventually but you should immediately see your doctor in the following cases:

  • If the wart is bleeding
  • If the wart is painful
  • If the wart changes colors
  • If the wart is spreading
  • If the wart is occurring again after removal
  • Especially if you have a weak immune system or suffer from conditions such as HIV


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