How To Be Extremely Productive At Home

July 24, 2020 3 min read

How To Be Extremely Productive At Home

Stick to your routine:

You may get a few extra minutes of sleep now, but sticking as closely to your “normal” routine as possible will go a long way in helping you stay positive and productive. We’ve found waking up at the same time each day and creating a ritual to help start and end the work day has really helped us transition and know it will help you create balance in your day.

Schedule your workouts:

You need this for your body and your mind. Working out boosts endorphins, decreases stress hormones, and is an amazing way to help keep some normalcy in your day. Schedule the time you’re doing to workout and have a solid plan! 

Find your spot:

Find a spot at home that is comfy (but not too comfy) and a good space for you to get ish done. Avoid working on your bed so you don’t get sleepy and unmotivated. Our fave is to sit at our desk or kitchen table with a coffee in hand and music playing! 

It’s also good to have a dedicated workout space so it’s always ready to go for you! No excuses babe!

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Address distractions:

We all have them! Avoid the distractions that you can control. Put your phone away to avoid checking text messages and social media 24/7, or make sure you don’t watch tv while you work. It’s so easy to waste time when there’s too much going on around you. Oh and, get those dishes and the laundry done before you start work so they don’t haunt you all day!

List your daily must-do’s & want to do’s:

We like to do this even when we’re not stuck at home, but it’s good to lay out the basics. Write down a list of the things you NEED to accomplish for the day, and another list for what you WANT to accomplish for the day. This will help you prioritize what’s important, and if you have extra time, get things done that you might put off! 

Schedule your breaks:

There’s a time for hustlin’ and there’s a time for resting! It’s so easy to not give yourself the “me” time you deserve. At the start of your day, decide when you’ll be taking a break and make sure to take it. Put your computer away and give yourself some rest time for all your hard work. 

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Over Communicate:

This is crucial, especially if you work with a team who normally works in person. Make sure you’re talking to your team about what you’re doing and how they can help you! Tone and context can also be misunderstood through text. Be clear and stay calm! 

Close the Book:

End your day with a routine that closes the book on work. When your work is done for the day, be done. It’s so easy not to separate work and home, but that balance is SO crucial to your mental health. Sign off for the night and enjoy your evening! The rest can wait until the morning. 

These tips are simple but easy to add to your everyday schedule and will make a huge difference in how you manage your time! I know it can be hard adjusting to working from home, but with these easy changes, we’ll be pro’s before we know it! Stay safe girls!

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