Anti-Bark Device That Trains Your Dog

Tired of constant barking disrupting your serene living space? This is the ultimate solution for a harmonious home environment where both you and your furry friend can coexist in perfect tranquility.

Transform Noise into Serene Calm

Our anti-barking training device uses ultrasonic technology instantly catches your dog's attention whenever the incessant barking begins. With a swift emission of gentle yet persuasive ultrasonic waves, it quietly encourages your dog to embrace a more composed demeanor, effectively curbing excessive barking without causing any harm.

Safe For All

Its ultrasonic waves are gentle on sensitive ears, making it a humane choice for both your furry friend and your household members. You'll experience the soothing ambiance you desire without compromising anyone's comfort.

Dog Training Redefined

Bid farewell to complex training regimens that leave you feeling frazzled. This ultrasonic device acts as your trusted trainer, delivering gentle cues that help your dog learn the art of balanced behavior without causing any harm or discomfort to anyone. 

As your furry companion learns, the sound gently fades away, leaving behind a happier and healthier pup eager to embrace a new level of training excellence.


  • Safe for dogs and humans
  • Trains your dog using ultrasonic sounds
  • A great way to train your dog at home
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Customizable intensity levels
  • Easy to use

How to use:

Power on: Adjust the knob to level 1, level 2 or level 3. A flashing blue light indicates that the device is powered on.

Standby: The blue light flashes every 6 seconds

Triggered by dog bark and start working: red light stays on for 3 seconds.

Low power: The red light starts flashing. This means the device needs to be charged, or it will stop working.

Turn the knob to adjust the frequency:

Level 1: Ultrasonic frequency 15KHZ-30KHZ, suitable for large dogs.

Level 2: Ultrasonic frequency 20KHZ, suitable for docile dogs.

Level 3: Ultrasonic frequency 30KHZ, suitable for small dogs.


Power: USB

Input voltage: 3.7V

Input current: 40mAh

Battery: Rechargeable

Waterproof IP rating: IPX4

Sensor: Sound Detection

Sensor Distance: Up to 25 feet

Ultrasonic frequency: 15KHZ-30KHZ

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