Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece - Moldable Anti Snoring Mouth Guard

Troubled by restless nights and the echoing symphony of your snoring?

Dozing off has never been this easy! Designed for universal comfort, this masterfully crafted mouthpiece is made from premium-quality, latex-free EVA material, ensuring a safe and cozy fit throughout the night.

How It Works

Our innovative mouthpiece gently pushes your lower jaw forward, promoting natural air intake, and reducing unwanted snores.

It reduces the cause of disruptive vibrations, allowing you and your partner to savor the quiet serenity of the night.

Perfect for all sleeping positions, it caters to your breathing, whether through the mouth or nose, granting you the freedom to slumber as you please.

Helps you sleep soundly and for longer periods, waking up feeling refreshed, and energized, ready to conquer the day!

How To Use

  • Wash the product with hot water for 3-5 minutes after unpacking.

  • Warm the mouthpiece for easy adjustment.

  • Place it in your mouth and find your comfortable position.

  • Try wearing it for 10-20 minutes initially, then wash it again.

  • Trim the edges with scissors for a perfect fit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jason C.
Worth the money

At first, I had my doubts because this product had a little higher price tag. But it's been worth every penny. This little device has made a significant difference in my battle against snoring and sleep apnea.

Before, my partner endured my thunderous snoring every night, and it got so bad that she had to retreat to the couch just to catch some decent sleep. On top of that, my bouts of sleep apnea had me waking up in a panic, gasping for air. I even tried staying awake until my partner fell asleep to avoid disturbing her, but it wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule.

Since I started using this mouthpiece, my sleep quality has taken a remarkable turn for the better. No more sudden wake-up gasps, and my partner has noticed a considerable reduction in my snoring. It's not completely gone, there's an occasional soft snore, but it's manageable.

All in all, it's been a true savior. I recommend it to anyone dealing with snoring or sleep apnea.

Scarlett F.
Does the job

My husband's snoring was a real nightmare, and we'd tried multiple snore products with no success. Then this miracle worker showed up. Now he sleeps like a baby, no snoring in sight, and I'm catching up on my beauty sleep too. Honestly, money well spent.

Amanda T.
Life saver!

This thing isn't winning any beauty pageants. But who cares? It's a snore stopper and teeth grind tamer! The first nights might feel a bit weird, but that's just how it goes. My snoring and teeth-grinding were driving my partner bonkers, like a nightly concert they didn't sign up for. Fast forward a week with this snore topper – my partner nudges me awake and goes, "No snoring last night, seriously!" Plus, the cost compared to other snore stopping gadgets? A total steal!

Its okay

Snore-wise, it's like turning down the volume on a late-night TV show. This thing does cut down on my snoring noise, which is a relief for my partner. It's not a total snore-vanisher though.