Anti Theft Steering Wheel Lock

Give would be thief's a visible sign that you mean business and that your vehicle is secured with our high quality steering wheel lock.

Highly effective Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock. Its rugged construction and expand-ability make it an ideal match for most automobiles. The Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock installs in seconds, but provides lasting security.


  • Easy to use, one simple pull does the trick
  • Red color provides high visibility to deter thieves at a glance
  • Rubberized coating protects your vehicle's steering wheel while in use
  • Adjustable and universal design fits virtually all makes and models
  • Maximum span for this lock is 14 inches. Fully extended overall length is 26. 75 inches, collapses down to 19. 25 inches in total length
  • Includes 2 keys

How It Works

Simply insert the key, turn it counter-clockwise to lock, place the base hook in the steering wheel, pull the end hook out till it fits snug against the other side of the steering wheel, that's it!

To unlock insert key, turn clockwise and push the end hook back into the body of the unit.


To Lock: Hold The Auto-Lock in your right hand.
Carefully place the hook around the steering wheel rim.
Using your left had, extend the fork end to the other extremity of the steering wheel.
For ultimate security on four spoke steering wheels, place the hooks inside the smaller gaps.

To Unlock: Insert key in the lock by aligning notch on the key with punch mark on lock cylinder.
Turn key clockwise and push fork and towards handle of Auto-Lock.
Once Auto Lock is removed from steering wheel, turn key counter-clockwise to remove it.

Package Includes:
1pcs * Steering Wheel Lock
2pcs * Keys

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Works flawlessly with a bit of patience

Patience is definitely required when using it. Initially, I faced some difficulty in removing the key after locking it in place. I was worried about potentially damaging it. However, I discovered a helpful technique. By gently pulling the steering wheel to relieve pressure, it became much easier to extract the key. Once securely locked, I can confidently say that any thief would have a tough time removing it. This product is impressively sturdy and well-constructed. Even if someone manages to bypass your car alarm, they'll encounter significant challenges with this formidable lock. I hope that the sight of this lock alone will deter thieves from even attempting a break-in. I give it a solid 5 stars without hesitation!

Paul S.
Rubber quality could be improved

This steering lock offers great peace of mind, but I must admit, the rubber coating started cracking within six weeks of use. It still works well and serves its purpose but the rubber quality should be better for the price.

Roger Y.
Keeps my sedan from getting stolen

I used to have a smaller club, but unfortunately, someone managed to jiggle it off my steering wheel. That's when I knew I needed an upgrade with longer prongs, and this lock fits the bill perfectly. I must admit, getting it securely positioned on the steering wheel requires a bit of tinkering, but once it's locked in place, there's no way anyone is jiggling this club off. It provides the robust protection I was looking for.

Janet C.
Must have

I'll be honest with you. This steering wheel lock isn't a magical solution that guarantees your car won't be stolen. No product can promise that. However, what it does exceptionally well is discourage thieves from even attempting to break into your vehicle.

With this lock in plain sight, it significantly reduces the appeal of your car as an easy mark. It's a simple concept: they see the lock, they move on to an easier opportunity. So, while it may not be foolproof, it definitely puts the odds in your favor.
All in all, it's a practical and worthwhile purchase for anyone who values the security of their vehicle.

Jake H.
Works for my Kia

This product is a total winner in my book. I mean, what's not to like? I purchased it specifically because I have zero intentions of letting anyone steal my car. Plain and simple. It fits perfectly on my Kia Sorento.