Best Portable Air Conditioner Stand Up Room Cooler Indoor AC Unit (Windowless)

Introducing our versatile portable air cooler, the perfect solution for personalized in-room cooling. This room cooler provides chilly air, moisturizes your skin, and provides fresh air without consuming too much energy.

Its perfect for small to medium sized rooms. Its portable design allows you to freely move it around the house, thanks to its included castors, and it doesn't require any windows.


Best Portable Air Conditioner Stand Up Room Cooler Indoor AC Unit (Windowless)

Refreshing Arctic Cooling

Embrace the chill of our AC unit designed to provide an invigorating Arctic experience. Stay cool and comfortable on scorching summer days with this portable cooling companion.

Portable Design

Simplicity at its finest, our tiny and lightweight air cooler can be effortlessly transported and conveniently stored in any space. Equipped with four caster wheels, you can effortlessly move the unit from room to room, ensuring cooling comfort wherever you go.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

Experience exceptional energy efficiency with our room climate control system. Operating on minimal power consumption, it ensures a cool environment while saving on energy costs.

Auto Swing

The air flow can be automatically adjusted from left to right, while vertical control allows you to customize the direction, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment.

How It Works

Our Portable Air Conditioner offers hassle-free cooling without the need for venting or window installation. It's as simple as adding the included ice packs and pouring cool water into the unit. No complex steps, just instant cooling comfort.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mia B.
Excellent portable ac

I love this evaporative cooler! It's easy to assemble and cools my large bedroom perfectly. The soft noise is ideal for sleeping, and the convenient remote makes adjustments a breeze. Highly recommended for summer!

Charlotte M.
Great purchase

I highly recommend this portable air conditioner. It operates on a unique principle, utilizing frozen water in the tank to blow out cold air through the fan. With three additional water tanks, it ensures long-lasting cooling performance. The fan features three adjustable gears, offering a quieter operation compared to traditional air coolers. While it may not cool large areas, it is suitable for small or medium rooms like they say. Additionally, its aesthetically pleasing raised shape on the top add to its appeal. Overall, this portable air conditioner is a worthwhile purchase.

Ethan T.

I'm delighted with this portable air conditioner. The low noise level is a definite plus, and it works great for cooling. A slightly larger water holder would be a welcomed improvement.