Ergonomic Carpal Tunnel Wrap Hand Wrist Sleeping Brace

Tired of the nagging discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome? Unleash the power of this innovative brace, designed to alleviate carpal tunnel discomfort and empower your hands with effortless mobility.

True Comfort and Support

Our carpal tunnel brace redefines wrist support, ensuring optimal alignment and stability to ease strain on affected areas providing a fusion of stability and flexibility. Its revolutionary design targets the pressure points, relieving tension on the median nerve while preserving your hand's natural range of motion.

Open Finger Design For Ease of Movement

Our open-finger design allows you to engage in daily activities with precision and ease, while benefiting from targeted compression. The breathable fabric technology keeps your skin fresh and dry, even during extended wear.

Day And Night Support

Experience soothing relief even while you sleep! Its ergonomic design extends its care to the night as well. Slip it on before bedtime, and let it work its magic while you rest. Wake up feeling rejuvenated, ready to seize the day with zeal.

Why Choose Our Wrist Brace

    • Eases arthritis pain, promoting relief
    • Robust support for sprain protection
    • Adjustable and secure fit for all wrist sizes
    • Breathable, skin-friendly fabric for all-day comfort
    • Lightweight and discreet, you'll forget you're wearing it
    • Dual-sided wrist support for enhanced stability
    • Removable splint for added adaptability
    • Universal size for all


    • Colors: Classic Black, Elegant Silver, Subtle Beige
    • Material: 75% Nylon, 20% SBR, 5% Lycra

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Best wrist brace I've ever bought

    Struggling with left wrist pain during sleep led me to try various supports, but none quite hit the mark until this one. I had issues with a larger, longer support that extended above my fingers, leaving my hand hurting in the morning. This wrist wrap, however, is the perfect solution. It only covers my wrist and palm, not the fingers, and I've been using it for over a month now without any hand or finger problems. While I can't speak to its effectiveness for carpal tunnel, it has been working perfectly for keeping my wrist protected during sleep.

    Sherri H.
    Lightweight and comfy

    Dealing with carpal tunnel for half a decade, which began during my pregnancy, has been tough. Those clunky braces never did the trick, especially during sleep. But this wrist wrap is a game changer. It's lightweight, easy to adjust, and sporting a cool color, it's become my go-to. Now I can sleep peacefully without waking up with a sore hand. Plus, I can tackle daily activities that used to hurt my wrist without any issues. Highly recommend!

    Mike L.
    Hand relief

    These wrist wraps have been a lifesaver at work. My hand is no longer throbbing in pain all day long. Such a relief!