Color Changing Moon Lamp

  • 3D Photo-Realistic Galaxy & Moon Pattern
  • Shines Bright in 16 Beautiful Colors
  • Perfect For Romantic Evenings
  • Excellent Gift Choice

Bring The Moon To Your Room Any Time You Desire!

Ever dreamed of touching the galaxy, moon and stars?

Well, now you can bring the moon right into your bedroom with Aven Buzz 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp!

Our Moon Night Light has a unique and photo-realistic pattern that emulates the real moon! Not only that, it can also can shine in 16 beautiful colors with touch of a button.

3D Photo-Realistic Pattern

Using advanced 3D printing technology, each of our moon lamp has been carefully crafted to emulate the texture of the real moon. 

It is a near-accurate representation of the moon's actual surface with a beautiful touch of various galaxy colors!

3D Printed Moon Lamp Color Changing Lamp | Aven Buzz

A Truly Unique Gift

Surprise your friends or family with our realistic looking moon lamp!

Whether you're looking for something to surprise your special someone, or you need something for Christmas, birthday or anniversary, Aven Buzz Moon Lamp is the perfect gift choice for any occasion.

Its perfect for nighttime reading, to help kids sleep, or to simply add a magical touch to your living room or office.

3D Printed Moon Lamp Color Changing Lamp | Aven Buzz


  • 16 color changing lights
  • 3D galaxy moon printed pattern
  • Touch and remote controlled
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Long lasting battery, up to 15 hours per charge
  • Package includes: Aven Buzz 3D Printed Moon Lamp, 1* Wooden Stand, 1* USB Charging Cable, 1* Remote Controller

3D Printed Moon Lamp Color Changing Lamp | Aven Buzz

3D Printed Moon Lamp Color Changing Lamp | Aven Buzz

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Britt C.
Beyond expectations!

I had my doubts, given the usual gap between product images and reality, but this one left me seriously impressed! The brightness and ethereal vibe make it look like a cosmic wonder, swirling and shining like the moon. It's stationary, yet the clever design gives it this beautiful illusion of movement. Considering the price, it's a great addition for anyone wanting that extra ambiance or embracing a celestial theme. This purchase is an absolute win!

Beautiful lamp

Simply lovely! The subtle low light is perfect, and the shifting colors create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Every time I stroll past this globe, the color shifts bring a delightful surprise. A genuine mood lifter.

Erica H.
Amazing Xmas Surprise

Picked up this little wonder as a Christmas gift for my BFF, and it brought more joy than expected! Checked it out in person during my visit, and it's become a permanent fixture in her room, casting a cozy glow as an ambient light. The buttons and features were a pleasant surprise, surpassing my initial expectations. I expected it to turn out to be another cheap looking lamp, but boy was I wrong. Its way prettier than I imagined. A solid recommendation for sure!

Soothing moon lamp

Wow, just wow! This moon lamp has elevated my room to a whole new level. The soft, warm light is incredibly soothing, and the intricate lunar details are mind-blowing. Couldn't be happier with this cosmic addition!

Noah C.

Just got my hands on this moon lamp, and I'm over the moon with joy! It's like having a piece of the night sky right on my bedside table. The soft glow is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. Definitely a must have for dreamy nights.