Electric Ear Wax Vacuum Cleaner

Tired of the discomfort caused by excess ear wax? Say goodbye to traditional methods that often do more harm than good. Our Ear Wax Vacuum Cleaner is a smart and safe way to keep your ears clean and comfortable.

Gentle and Painless

Our vacuum employs a gentle suction mechanism that delicately draws out ear wax. No more poking or prodding that can lead to discomfort or even injury. Its gentle suction technology ensures a swift and painless earwax removal process, leaving you free from discomfort and inconvenience.

Precision Cleaning

No more guessing games. The integrated LED lighting illuminates the path, making the ear canal's condition crystal clear, ensuring a gentle wax removal process. The soft silicone tip easily reaches into your ear canal for thorough and gentle wax removal.

Ear Care On-the-Go

Whether at home or on the move, cleaner ears are always within reach. Its sleek and portable design ensures that your ear care remains uninterrupted, wherever your adventures take you.


  • Painless Earwax Removal: Our ear wax vacuum's silicone design and LED lighting make ear care soothing and efficient without discomfort, promoting clarity in your hearing.
  • Whisper-Soft Operation:Our earwax vacuum offers an ear wax removal process that's gentle on your ears and soothing to your senses.
  • Enhanced Visibility: LED lighting ensures you can see clearly during wax removal, making the process easier and more effective.
  • For The Whole Family: From children to adults, everyone can enjoy the soothing sensation and clarity that comes with properly cared-for ears.
  • Rechargeable: Charges easily with a micro USB, fitting into your daily routine effortlessly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maria R.
ENT approved!!

This ear vacuum is a lifesaver! Handling an ear infection, muffled hearing, and an unforeseen fungus, my ENT's advice was clear to keep the ears clean. And this little gadget did just that, keeping things in check until I could see my ENT for professional treatment. He even told me to keep using it if its working. Whether it's an infection or just pesky wax buildup, I highly recommend it for anyone with ear problems.

Sean D.

Not the best way to remove earwax but it works for mild ear wax build up. Wish the suction was stronger though.

Tonya B.
Works as advertized

This tool came to the rescue during my husband's intense ear infection. Managed to clear out the infection debris, and the soft tips made the suction and cleansing process way more bearable. Zero irritation or discomfort. I'd absolutely make the purchase again if the need arises.

Perfect for kids!

Tackled my son's' wax issues with this. While the vacuum had him wiggling, the wax removal tool did the trick surprisingly well. Not the easiest with squirmy little ones, but it got the job done!

Jacqueline M.
Impressive results

I took a chance on this ear vacuum in a moment of desperation, not knowing what to expect. To my surprise, it turned out to be just what my ears needed. It kicked out a massive wax intruder that had been hanging around for years. Now, my hearing is back to normal, and I'm genuinely impressed with the results!