24" Flat Septic Tank Cover Lid

Discover a hassle-free solution to access your home's septic tank with our advanced polypropylene septic tank riser lid. Eliminate the need for tedious digging into soil or cement by opting for our superior septic tank lid replacement.

Our innovative design offers versatility, featuring interior ridges that allow easy cement filling. This ensures a secure fit, providing peace of mind that the septic tank lid won't come loose.

It is built to withstand all types of weather conditions and effectively prevents unwanted entry of bugs and animals into your water system. Keep your underground chamber secure with our reliable septic tank lid riser.


Heavy Duty: Durability is paramount, as our septic tank riser is expertly crafted from heavy-duty copolymer polypropylene. Even with daily exposure to the sun's rays, our septic tank lid maintains its shape, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Easy To Install: Installation is a breeze with our user-friendly septic cover. Simply fit the septic tank lid replacement onto the riser and use the provided screws for a secure and hassle-free setup.

Unmatched Versatility: Experience unmatched versatility with our septic tank lid cover. Its clever design allows it to seamlessly fit on various risers, including IPEX-PVC ribbed pipes and corrugated pipes. The flexibility accommodates risers ranging from 23 1/2" to 24 1/2" in diameter, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs.


  • 2,500 lb. load rating
  • Will Accept 23 1/2"- 24 1/2" Risers
  • Fits 24" Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Screws included.
  • Two Safety Screw Locations
  • Integrated Foam Seal
  • Color: Green
  • Fits most risers, IPEX-PVC ribbed pipe, corrugated pipe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Heavy duty lid

Wow, this septic tank lid is seriously heavy-duty! It's way heavier than those regular lids you find. You have the option to reinforce it further by filling it with concrete. I'm telling you, this thing is tough as nails. I wouldn't be surprised if you could drive a car right over it.

Nick M.
Fits perfectly

I accidentally hit my septic tank cover with my mower tractor and needed a replacement. I decided to purchase this cover, and I'm thrilled with the results. It fit perfectly and provides a tight seal. The installation is easy, and I had it securely in place in no time. Highly satisfied with this purchase!

Cheryl S.

Received my cover on time. Everything is good. Its a little expensive but definitely worth the money.

Sturdy product, prompt delivery

I received the product promptly and in good condition. The cover looks very sturdy, and it fits perfectly on my septic tank.

Bobby L.

I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for convenient access to their septic tank for regular maintenance. I followed a simple installation process, starting with attaching a 24 x 12 tank riser to an adapter ring to securely connect the risers to my septic tank. To achieve the desired height, I added an extra 24 x 6 riser, and then topped it off with a 24-inch flat lid. With this setup, I can now access my septic tank quickly and easily without ever having to dig it out again. Even during the winter months, when the ground is frozen, I can still perform necessary maintenance without any hassle.