Folding Adjustable Walking Cane With Light

Our walking cane is characterized by a resilient sponge handle, an LED light, a pivoting base with 4 points of contact inspired by the human ankle, and a shaft free to adjust to the user's height.
Product features:
  • Sturdy Canes: Made of Aluminum alloy,360°stable pivoting quad base can ensure your safety and stability whatever angle.
  • Walking Stick with LED Flashlight: Nonslip T handle with Led flashlight, can directly point forward 20 meters and adjust to different illumination angles, usually used in night or dark environment.
  • Anti Shock Walking Canes: Handle with sponge, decrease the hand pressure, Moisture wicking and anti-skid. This is the best folding stick; it will help you walk and keep you move.
  • Lightweight Canes: Built-in LR44 button cell, folds up in seconds, light weight, folds small so it fits in your handbag.
  • Folding and Adjustable Canes: It is fully adjustable from lengths of 33" to its full length of 37" and has 4 increment adjustments of 1". Can fold and store away to a size of 11", suitable for most human height.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black
Folding length:29x17cm
Adjustable height:82-93.5cm
Handle length:17.5cm
Base size:9.5cm
LED brightness: 55-65w
LED light rotation:180°
Suitable height rang:150-190cm
Weight support:100-120kg
1x walking stick with LR44 button cell

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