Handheld Neck Massager Trigger Point Roller

Helps Relieve Neck Pain

Constantly bending over, slouching, or looking at your phone or computer screen for long periods of time may develop stiffness in your neck that might become painful if you're not careful. 

Our Handheld Neck Massager Roller helps relieve neck pain by applying direct pressure to trigger points and by massaging those points at your neck and shoulders.

Using it 10-15 minutes a session can help alleviate muscle soreness, and help relieve fatigue, neck stiffness and neck pain.

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Upgraded Multifunctional Design

Our manual neck massager roller is upgraded with 6 roller massage balls that can be rotated 360° to adjust to your most comfortable angle and massage deeper into the muscles with a larger area and relieve pain, allowing you to enjoy the best massage experience.

It can not only help relieve neck pain, it can even be used to massage your legs, calves, back, or arms!

 Manual Neck Massager Trigger Point Roller

Personalized Massage Intensity

One of the best things about our Manual Neck Massager Roller is that you can customize its intensity according to your needs.

You can control every aspect of the massage by simply utilizing the ergonomic handles to adjust the intensity, pace or direction of the massage.

Portable Massager

This neck massager is extremely lightweight, so you can get a good massage anytime, anywhere! You can easily carry it in your backpack, or suitcase for easy storage.

Manual Neck Massager Trigger Point Roller

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jenny S.

Quick heads up, this neck roller loves catching hair. Keep a headband close unless you want some unintentional hair removal.

It really works!

Got this neck massager as a Christmas gift, and I had to try it out. The feel is amazing, and the ability to switch the rollers around for different directions is genius. With its low cost and impressive performance, I'm genuinely pleased with this purchase.

Laura D.
Very effective for shoulder and neck relief

Picked this up to tackle the pesky shoulder and neck pain causing those dreaded headaches. Turns out it's larger and sturdier than I thought which is a plus. The massage roller beads are pleasantly hard, delving deep into the tissue. Had a bit of a learning curve initially, struggling to hit the sweet spots. Also, I realized later the rollers rotate as well. Once you nail down the rotation needed for your targeted area, its pure relief! Now I'm making it a daily ritual, and it's working wonders in melting away that built up tension.

Courtney M.
Surprisingly good

This thing feels amazing on the neck! Way better than I anticipated. The sturdiness is impressive so no concerns about it giving out. I couldn't be happier!

Good massage roller

I really enjoy the manual control over the pressure, unlike automatic machines like shiatsu. So far, I've only tried it on my neck. My only wish is that it came with some predefined massage techniques. Nonetheless, I've been experimenting and figuring it out, and it's been a good experience.