Heavy Duty Motorized Stair Climbing Wheelchair

The purpose of this product is to allow trained caregivers to use the crawler transfer device. The purpose of this product is to allow people who cannot go up and down the stairs to move in the stairwell. Trained caregivers can use this chair to transport people with limited mobility, up and down stairs. It is perfect for homes and multi-story buildings without elevators. It is safe, simple, fast and easy to fold.

This product is designed to be operated by trained caregivers to assist patients moving up and down the stairs. Which is suitable for stair with straight line and slope less than 50 degrees.


Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 120W

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Expansion Size: 125×55×163cm(±3.5cm)

Folded Size: 105×55×30cm(±3.5cm)

Product Weight: 26±2kg

Track angle: ≤30°

Load Bearing: ≤160kg

Lifting speed: 40 stairs/minute (±5%)

Battery: 24V/13.6Ah (Max)

Continuous climbing stairs under full power: About 500-1500 stairs (load/ no load)

Package size: 112×59×33cm

Gross weight: 33.45kg


1. Upgraded model, pedal footrest, adjustable speed.

2. Suitable for hospitals, emergency centers, fire, emergency ambulance, family hauling goods up and down the stairs to use.

3. Can be transfer to stretcher for patients up and down stairs.

4. Made of high quality rubber and built-in ribs, have long service life.

5. Durable lithium battery, long service life.


1. Selected fine raw materials

Aluminum alloy material plus electroplating spray paint process, so that the color of the chair is better, strong and durable spray paint environmental protection and safety, natural, the whole color.

2. Folding design, easy to carry

Step on the brakes, put your feet on the track, unlock the handles, lower the backrest, gently pull the red bar under the chair, and completely close the chair.

3. 81cm extended track

81cm long track, you can take the 3 longest steps, no bumps up and down the stairs.

4. Imported lithium battery

Removable lithium battery, easy to charge, and with anti-theft lock, the battery is installed in accordance with international standards, not close to the human body.

5. Waterproof circuit design

Concealed waterproof circuit design, no power cord exposed, no noise operation, longer service life, and more high-end and generous.


1. Widen the back of a chair

Widened back is suitable for any body shape, soft cushion, waterproof, fireproof PVC fabric, the elderly sit up more comfortable, vest type band more safety.

2. Concealed waterproof circuit

No power cord exposed, no noise operation, power system with soft start protection, longer battery life, longer motor and battery life.

3. 81cm extended track

Can take 3 longest steps, up and down without turbulence.

4. Safe to stop at the stairs

Even if the stopover is on the stairs, it will not slip or tilt.

5. Put your foot on the crawler

Just support the chair, step on it with your feet, and the track can be stowed away.

6. Stainless steel push button

Sinking start mode, will not automatically turn on because of forgetting to turn off the power.

7. Backrest four-speed adjustment

Backrest adjustment lever, adjustable in four steps, easy to use.

8. Rear handle with automatic lock

Press the red button to close the handle and open it to lock automatically.

9. Easily put up the track

The crawler is controlled by air spring. It can be folded up by simply supporting the chair and gently stepping on it with your foot.

10. Easily open the track

Open the button to unlock and pull the track backwards.

11. Easy folding chair

Pull the red folding pull rod forward for easy folding.

12. High wear resistant rubber wheel

With 4 wheels, the wheels are made of rubber, strong and wear-resistant.

Packing List:

1 x Stair climbing wheelchair

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Melissa N.
A true lifesaver!!

This incredible stair wheelchair has been a lifesaver for us! It has made navigating the stairs a breeze with my disabled spouse. The sturdy build and exceptional performance have given us peace of mind, ensuring a safe and smooth journey every time. We're incredibly grateful for this reliable solution. I received my order earlier than it was expected and that was a great surprise. I wholeheartedly recommend considering this motorized stair lift.

Nathan G.
Worth the money

I must say, investing in this stair wheel chair has been a decision I won't ever regret. While the price may seem steep at first glance, the immense value it brings to our lives is truly priceless. It's like having a personal assistant, ensuring the safety and ease of movement for my loved one on the stairs. The robust construction and flawless functionality have surpassed our expectations making every penny well-spent.

My mother loves it!

This stair lift wheelchair works just like they advertised. My mother is 72 years old so I was a bit hesitant to take her upstairs on this machine but I was extremely pleased with its performance and durability. We are in love this this machine. Thank you so much!!