Mini Voice Activated Recorder

Elevate your recording experience with our mini voice activated recorder, a compact companion that transforms every moment into crystal-clear audio memories. Designed to be sleek, and effortlessly powerful, this device captures the essence of every conversation, lecture, or idea, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Small Yet Powerful

With a form factor so small it practically disappears in your palm. Slip it into your pocket, tuck it in a bag – it's the ultimate audio companion that's ready to roll whenever you are. This ingenious device blends convenience, portability, and powerful audio capture to bring you an unparalleled recording experience.

Voice-Activated Brilliance

No need to manually starting and stopping recordings! Our advanced voice-sync technology, ensures recording starts the moment the first word is spoken. Seamless, smart, and sensational – capturing audio has never been more intuitive.

Long-Lasting Performance

Equipped with a robust rechargeable battery, this mini voice recorder keeps pace with your busy lifestyle. Capture hours of content on a single charge, and stay connected to what matters most. Plus, when the battery is low, it automatically saves your files before shutting down to ensure you never lose important recordings.


  • Seamless On-the-Go Recording: Compact and portable design for effortless use anywhere.
  • Intelligent Voice Capture: Hands-free operation through voice-activated recording.
  • Exceptional Audio Precision: Capture pristine sound with a sensitive microphone.
  • Optimized Storage: 4gb of storage can save up to 48 hours of recordings, 8gb - up to 96 hours, 16gb - up to 192 hours, 32gb - up to 384 hours (Built in storage, no SD card expansion).
  • Exceptional Battery: Rechargeable battery that lasts 13 hours after charging for just 30 minutes.
  • Automatic Timestamp: Automatically assigns current date/time to your recording file.
  • Versatile: Ideal for lectures, meetings, interviews, and personal memos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mason T.
Great value

I just received this recorder and it's smaller than I expected (which is good). Its compact size fits snugly in my pocket. Sound quality is top notch. Battery life could be better. It did not record for 12 hours straight like they say. I was able to record continuously for about 8 hours before charging it again. But hey- I definitely am happy about that, as well coz its not bad at all! I really was not anticipating it to be as nice as it really is.

Great for learning new language

As someone learning a new language, this recorder is my constant companion. The voice activation allows me record daily phrases, practice conversations, and capture the nuances of pronunciation effortlessly. It transforms language learning from a chore to a dynamic, interactive experience.

Tiny yet impressive

I bought this little gadget for recording ideas that pop into my head when I'm on the go. It's incredibly small but packs a punch. The voice activated recording is a game-changer for my creative process. No more lost thoughts! Audio quality could be improved but it's really good considering it's small form factor.

Jessica L.
Meeting must-have!

This recorder is my savior during endless meetings. It starts recording as soon as someone talks, so I don't miss a thing. I used to nod off, but now I'm engaged and informed. Its a lifesaver! The voice activation feature is incredible. It kicks in without me even pressing a button. So discreet and handy! Highly recommended!

Mark A.
Perfect for lectures

This mini recorder has been my go-to for recording lectures. It's tiny and fits right in my pocket, plus the sound quality is clear as day. No more frantic note-taking for me!