Multifunctional Diaper Bag Backpack With Changing Station

  • Transforms Into A Bassinet/Changing Station
  • Large Capacity To Store All Your Baby's Needs
  • Thermal Insulated Bottle Holders
  • Built-in USB Charging Port
  • Excellent Gift For Moms


If you are a mother, you might find it difficult to carry your baby care products like diapers, bottles, wipes, etc. Being a mother is no easy task!

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Aven Buzz 2-in-1 Diaper Bag Backpack is sure to make your mommy life easier. Its the perfect gift for any expectant mother and any new parent.

Transforms Into A Crib/Changing Station

By simply unzipping and extending the backpack, you can literally expand it into a diaper changing station within a few seconds! 

The expandable backpack can be used as a crib, for changing diapers in a public place, a cozy nap station for your baby, or to protect him/her from the sun.

Multifunctional Diaper Bag Backpack With Changing Station

Stores All Your Baby Essentials

With its large organization capacity, multiple different pockets, and compartments, you can always stay prepared for everything you'll ever need for your baby. 

You can easily store most of your baby's essential items including feeder bottles, diapers, wipes, extra pairs of clothes, towels, and anything else.

Multifunctional Diaper Bag Backpack With Changing Station


  • Expandable crib design: Simply open the backpack and extend the 2 rods to transform it into a crib/changing station.
  • Large capacity: Comes with 14 different pockets including internal, external, and side pockets to organize various items.
  • Thermal insulated bottle holders: Includes 3 insulated bottle pockets so warm milk can stay warm even longer. 
  • USB charging port: Place your power bank in the diaper backpack and charge your smart devices on the go.
  • Waterproof design: Put wet items like wipes in the internal waterproof pockets. Carry the bag outside in rains without worrying about the wetting of the contents inside.
  • Stroller straps: Comes with stroller straps so you can easily hang the backpack on a stroller.

Multifunctional Diaper Bag Backpack With Changing Station

Multifunctional Diaper Bag Backpack With Changing Station

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Truly multifunctional and versatile

Having raised 3 children myself, I know how difficult it is to leave the house with your baby. I bought this for my first grandkid and this backpack is a godsend! I was looking for something that was space saving and multifunctional without breaking the bank and this backpack is exactly what I was in the market for.

Here are a few things that my daughter and I liked about this backpack-
- The idea behind the convertible crib is brilliant! Its great for changing diapers in public spaces or if your baby needs a nap.
- The soft padding inside the crib seems cozy enough for a baby but you can always use something like a blanket to make it more comfortable.
- The cell phone usb charger is another nice addition, though we have only used this feature once or twice.
- Its not heavy considering the amount of features that you get.
- There is ample storage for everything a baby needs and even more. Lots of slots and organization features.
-Overall build quality seems very sturdy so it should last a long time.

My daughter really loves it and it makes me wish I had something like this when my kids were babies. We are very pleased with this backpack.

Must have diaper bag

I have 2 kids and buying this backpack is the best decision I have made since I became a mother. I am easily able to store my kids' clothes, diapers, snacks, toys, blanket and medicines. Even after putting all these things inside the bag, there is enough space left that I can use it for some of my personal stuff as well. You can easily attach the backpack to your stroller if you don't like carrying it on your shoulders. The foldable changing station comes in really handy because I don't have to use public tables to change my babies diapers anymore. I'd highly recommend it for any new moms.

Cassie H.
Liked it, could be better

I have had this backpack for over 2 months and its holding up really well so far. You can easily fold or unfold it out into an infant bed in literally a minute. It takes a few attempts at first but its very easy to set up. Its a pretty useful feature and I have used it several times when outdoors with my baby. My only complaint is that some of the pockets are smaller than I expected. Yes it can hold most of your baby stuff with ease, but I really wish it had slightly bigger pockets and bigger bottle holders. Other than that, its a useful diaper changing backpack and I like it.

Pat M.
Great baby shower gift!

Bought this for my cousin's baby shower and she absolutely loved this backpack! It's a great choice for those who are looking for a baby shower gift. The expandable crib is a fantastic idea and can easily fit a newborn. There's a ton of space for everything and it's not super heavy either. I'll probably buy this again for another baby shower in the near future.