Professional Electric Drywall Sander Vacuum

Our drywall sander is a good helper for sanding walls and ceilings. Featuring automatic vacuum system, this sanding machine can provide a dust-free workplace. 850W high power copper motor with 6 variable speed helps you efficiently grind the wall. Don't worry about corners or high places. With its telescopic handle, this professional polishing machine can extend up to 5.7', allowing you to easily grind the ceiling even when standing on the ground. At the bottom of the sanding head, there is also a detachable edge. You can easily remove it to grind corners or perpendicular walls. Additionally, there is a lock button beside the switch. It will keep the sander running at the current speed at all time.

  • Extensible handle makes it easy to sand ceilings and other high places
  • Foldable design is convenient to store and carry
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Joe C.
    Definitely better than renting one

    I'm really impressed with this tool! It has been incredibly useful and I'm truly satisfied with my purchase. I recently used it to remove popcorn ceilings in our new house, and it was a tremendous help. Instead of spending a hefty sum on renting a similar tool from my local store, I decided to invest in this one since I knew I would need it multiple days. While it can be a bit heavy and tiring when held overhead for a long time, overall, it's a solid product that gets the job done.

    Great for large areas

    This electric sander is a game-changer for tackling large areas. The included replacement disks are ample, and the LED lights provide excellent visibility during sanding. The vacuum bag effectively captures dust, but the sander feels slightly tip-heavy, especially for ceiling work. Assembly instructions were missing, yet it's still a worthwhile investment.

    Charles B.
    A decent sander

    I've utilized this sander on both floors and walls. While it may not have the ideal weight for floor sanding, it serves as a viable alternative. However, when it comes to working on walls, it achieves a smooth finish effortlessly.

    Great value for money

    As someone who's not as young as they used to be, I dreaded the thought of hand sanding a large drywall area for an entire day. So I tried this electric sander instead and was pleasantly surprised. It only took me about 45 minutes to achieve a flat surface, and the reduced dust generation made it worth the investment. Plus, it's not too heavy, making it a great tool for the price.

    Ryan G.
    Impressive sander, instructions could be better

    I'm very impressed with this electric sander's performance. The integrated dust collection system is highly effective, and the sanding discs that come with it last for an extended period and remove material quickly, resulting in a smooth surface. Additionally, the LED ring lights instantly detect any imperfections, which is a handy feature.

    Despite its impressive performance, there are a few issues that I encountered with tis sander. The assembly instructions are not very clear and can make it difficult to put together. Additionally, adjusting the length of the telescoping handle can be a challenging task due to the tight fit.

    Other than that, the sander itself doesn't have any flaws. Despite the aforementioned issues, I would still highly recommend this product.