Professional High Velocity Dog Blow Dryer

This dog blow dryer is perfect for drying your dog after a bath. Its 2400W powerful motor dries your dog efficiently and saves you a lot of time especially while grooming large breed dogs. Its perfect for all dog breed sizes - small, medium and large dogs.

【High Efficiency & Saving Time】-- 2400W high power, the wind impact can be as strong as 540g or above at the air outlet at the highest wind speed. Compared to handheld hair dryers our dryer reduces time by over 70%, saving your precious time, especially when grooming large dogs

【2 Speeds & 2 Temperature Controls】-- With 2 speeds & 2 adjustable temperature controls, the lowest wind speed is 25m/s with the highest reaching over 65m/s., Temperature range 86℉ - 158℉ / 30 - 70℃. Powerful airflow dries quickly and thoroughly. Perfect for drying your pet's fur.

【Easy to Carry and Use】-- Lightweight & Portable, with a convenient handle for easy movement. Dual mounted legs, which allow both vertical and horizontal use.

【Comes with 4 Air Outlets】-- Our pet hair dryer is equipped with functions of stepless wind speed adjustment and 4 air outlets with different functions, as well as one 25.6 - 78.7" stretchable rubber grooming hose.

【Quiet Operation & Safety Design】-- Insulated for quiet operation for those noise-sensitive pet, Protection is applied to the holding of the hose to prevent scalding.


 Color: Black

 Power: 2400W

 Hose: 25.6 - 78.7"

 Weight:9.25 LBs

 Noise: 70-80db

 Voltage: AC 110V,60HZ

 Material: Iron + ABS

 Wind Speed: 25 M/S - 65 M/S

 Temperature: 86 - 158℉ / 30 - 70℃

 Function: Electrode-less variable-speed

 Dimensions: 15.7 x 6.7 x 7.6 Inches ( L x W x H )


Package List:

1 x Pet Dryer

3 x Nozzles

1 x Hose

2 x Filter

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