Professional Laser Removal Pen - Laser Tattoo Removal Red & Blue

  • Removes unwanted tattoos, warts, moles, spots and other blemishes at home
  • Gentle and effective on your skin
  • Doesn't leave scars or traces

Not all tattoos tell the right story. But worry not, we've got the right solution. Say hello to the Picosecond Laser Removal Pen – your partner in erasing unwanted tattoos, and blemishes, and revealing radiant skin without the pain or damage!

Your All-in-one Skincare Solution

Whether you're seeking to rejuvenate your skin's texture, erase the ink of the past, or bid farewell to blemishes, this pen has got you covered. The Picosecond Laser Removal Pen delivers ultra-short bursts of laser energy in the picosecond range, precisely targeting problem areas with astonishing accuracy. Experience faster results and fewer sessions compared to traditional lasers.

Gentle Yet Effective

Powered by cutting-edge picosecond technology, our device emits rapid and precise laser pulses, breaking down dark pigments without any harm to your skin tissues. It works wonders on melanin, helping your skin's natural renewal process.

Unlike traditional laser treatments, our Laser Pen is your partner in gradual and gentle blemish fading, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine. No need for lengthy treatments and complicated routines. Our laser pen is designed for ease, a part of your daily life that gets you results!

Difference Between Blue and Red Pen

The Picosecond Laser Pen comes in both red and blue options, each with its strengths. The blue light picosecond pen offers enhanced power, requiring a bit more skill in operation. For black tattoos, the red pen works wonders, while the more colorful ones may benefit from the blue pen's touch.


  • At Home Skincare Solution: Tackle moles, tattoos, freckles, and other blemishes from the comfort of home with our innovative laser pen.
  • Portable Design: Carry our sleek, compact, and durable pen anywhere you go, and even share it with friends.
  • Customizable Intensity: A variety of gears can be selected, 9 light speeds, 4 light intensities, and 36 energy schemes can be combined.
  • Tailored Tattoo Treatment Select the red pen for black tattoos and the blue pen for colorful tattoos, optimizing your results. Blue light works on all other colors except white.
  • Safe and Convenient: Integrate blemish fading seamlessly into your routine; our laser pen ensures your skin stays unharmed.
  • Hand-held plug-in operation, longer service life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dylan S.
Works amazing but don't overdo it

I've got to admit, this little gadget did the trick for my tattoo removal, but I can't stress this enough - don't overdo it! The first pass can be a little painful, but once you soldier through it, the subsequent rounds are a bit more bearable. I learned this the hard way—I unknowingly zapped the same area three or four times, thinking it looked fine. The next day, blisters surfaced, and they weren't playing around. It took over three weeks to heal, and let me tell you, it wasn't a walk in the park.

So here's the lesson: one slow-paced pass over all areas is the name of the game. Resist the urge to overdo it, and save yourself from an unintentional scar. The product definitely deserves 5 stars for doing what it claimed.

Ava M.
Works great for scars and tattoos

I've been regretting a tattoo for years, and this laser removal pen is making it vanish bit by bit. It's a slow process, but I can see it fading. This pen is helping me say goodbye to tattoo regret once and for all! And not only that, I even used it on a scar from a biking accident. The scar is almost invisible now, and I can confidently wear swimsuits without worrying about it. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Liam A.
A little painful but it really works

I've been using this for a few months and have undergone several laser tattoo removal sessions. To give you a rough idea, I've spent about $700 on it, which roughly equals the cost of three DIY sessions compared to the price tag of a single 10-minute session with the professionals, setting you back about a hundred bucks.

In my opinion, it's absolutely worth it. I got precisely what I expected, but let's not sugarcoat it. It stings. If you're ready to say goodbye to that tattoo, this device can make it happen. Brace yourself for some pain because it's like a swarm of bees.

Even the pros will tell you that tattoo removal takes multiple sessions. Whether you're trying to ditch that wedding ring ink or an ex's name, this budget-friendly option will save you a bundle in the long haul. Just brace yourself for some discomfort!

Impressed with the results!

I got a tattoo in my youth that I later regretted. I was skeptical about using this tattoo removal pen, but it really surprised me. After only a few sessions my tattoo is noticeably lighter. It's not gone completely yet, but I'm hopeful that with continued use, it will fade away completely. This pen saved me from the embarrassment of my youthful choices!