Steamy Cat Brush

  • Pawfect For All Dogs & Cats
  • Tackles Stubborn Pet Hair
  • Promotes A Shinier Coat

Introducing Our Purr-fect Solution for Pet Grooming!

Say farewell to fur battles and hello to hassle-free grooming with our innovative Steamy Cat Brush! It's the ultimate grooming companion for both you and your feline friend!

Say Goodbye to Shedding Woes

Our innovative nano mist spray technology effortlessly tackles stubborn cat hair, making grooming a breeze. Gently whisking away dirt and hair, the Steamy Cat Brush ensures a pampering session that caters to your cat's health, comfort, and style.

Beyond Hair Removal

Our Steamy Cat Brush not only tackles loose hairs but also provides a calming massage experience while enhancing blood circulation, maintaining a glossy coat, and reducing hairball risks associated with loose hairs.


  • Nano Mist Efficiency: Tackle stubborn fur with the power of steam, reaching places traditional brushes can't. Say goodbye to knots and tangles effortlessly.
  • Safe and Pet-Friendly: The nano mist is gentle and pet-safe, ensuring a soothing grooming session without any harm to your precious furball.
  • For All Furry Friends:Whether your pet sports long, short, or medium to long hair, our Steamy Cat Brush caters to all dogs and cats of all fur lengths.
  • Promotes Well Being: Using the Steamy Cat Brush not only reduces shedding but also results in a healthier, shinier coat for your furry companion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Melissa P.
Safe and feline approved!

Straightforward and cat approved! The brush got a thumbs up, but my feline friend wasn't too keen on the steam (more of a cool steam, not warm). Love that there are no heating elements, ensuring safety for pets. Despite the lack of a charge indicator, it's a non-issue since this brush lasts forever. No worries about running out of juice.

Ben T.

Excellent at tackling dog hair. My pup stands there willingly during grooming, unaware she's being groomed. To her, it's just extra scratches and rubs!

Easy grooming

Got it off with minimal effort. Works like the mist from a humidifier, but a word of caution - if it's on all the time, your cat might end up a bit too soggy, so be mindful. Highly recommended.

Robin J.

Seriously fantastic! Just let your pet get acquainted with it. I stumbled a bit initially, but beyond that, it's become a genuine lifesaver in pet care.

Pam H.
My dog loves it!

My pup adores it! Interestingly, my cat is a bit picky. He prefers it without the steam. Who knew pets could have such distinct preferences? Good product though.