Back Straightener Posture Corrector For Women, Yoga Sticks Stretching Tool for Posture, Humpback Correction Sticks Stretching Tool

  • Helps Improve Posture
  • Helps Relieve Back & Neck Pain
  • Helps restore proper cervical curvature
  • Recommended for using 20 minutes a day
  • Helps with hunchback, stiff neck, shoulder pain, and common spinal problems

Most Effective Way To Improve Hunchback Posture

Aven Buzz Yoga Sticks Posture Corrector offers a simple, yet effective physical solution for improving posture and relieving back pain.

Using it 20-30 minutes a day can help improve your posture while alleviating back pain, neck pain and common spinal problems.

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Innovative Design

Unlike wearable posture corrector braces, our yoga sticks posture corrector doesn't strangle your shoulders and you don't need to use it all day!

Our yoga sticks hunchback corrector helps improve posture and restore proper cervical curvature by pulling your muscles and spine back to its original alignment, so you can go from slouch to standing straight.

Hunchback Posture Straightener Yoga Bar

Helps With Most Spinal Problems

Aven Buzz Yoga Sticks Hunchback Corrector is not only designed to help with back pain, it can also help with:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Stiff neck
  • Hunchback
  • Improving posture
  • Tightness in back & shoulders
  • And many other spinal and neck problems


  • Designed for posture correction
  • Adjustable length extension from 24 inch to 36 inches
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Suitable for adults and kids
  • Universal size

Hunchback Posture Straightener Yoga Bar

Hunchback Posture Straightener Yoga Bar

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Helps my daughter and myself

My young daughter does ballerina classes and this item has been a god send! It helps her a lot with maintaining her posture. Not only that, even I use this product every day and I have seen improvement in my posture and back and shoulder flexibility. I would absolutely recommend this if you're looking to improve your spinal or shoulder flexibility.

Good results

I have had very tight shoulders from a long long time and I can notice a significant improvement in my shoulder mobility as well as my posture after a few weeks of using this product regularly.

Linda Bender
Helps with my stiff back

I use this for my stiff and sore back in the mornings or after a workout and it helps a lot to relieve tightness in my back and improve my flexibility.